Kirk Swan


"I knew pretty much as soon as we all started playing together that it was going to be the record that I'd been waiting to make for so long".

Kirk Swan's debut CD It's About Time has been a long time coming but worth the wait for Kirk's devoted following and a worthy introduction for those new to his stunningly diverse guitar work and probing songwriting style. In his guitar playing you're reminded of the precision and feeling of Richard Thompson or the soaring electric abandon of Big Star one moment and then the sparse, sparkling tones of Tom Petty's "Wildflowers" or Steve Earle's "El Corazon" the next. His songs search for a greater understanding of the dark and lonely side of the soul like his contemporary Paul Kelly or the legendary Townes Van Zandt.

"We went for the take that had the right feel and groove. All the decisions were done on a gut level. It just felt good right from the start."

It's About Time has been brewing since his final days in the seminal Boston band Dumptruck which he co-founded with Seth Tiven in 1983. The band released two critically acclaimed melodic pop albums, D is For Dumptruck, and Positively Dumptruck before Kirk packed his bags and guitars for sunny Los Angeles. He briefly fronted Boo Radley (not to be confused with the British-based Boo Radleys), with some L.A. mainstays before taking some time to concentrate on his guitar playing and session work. "It wasn't really until after Dumptruck that I started being a guitar player", interesting words coming from a man with such an influential sound. His guitar style was an inspiration for pop-minded college kids who were tiring of formless punk rock bands that were de rigueur for the day.

It was after Boo Radley broke up in 1991 that Kirk was called upon by Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate fame to add his distinctive guitar style to Steve's second solo record, Dazzling Display which also included cameo appearances by notables such as Peter Buck of R.E.M, Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde, Howe Gelb of Giant Sand and Chris Cacavas, formerly of Green on Red.

Through the next 7 years Kirk honed his songwriting skills and played acoustic shows around L.A. in between recording and touring with longtime friends like Russ Tolman of True West. Kirk laid down some fine country licks on Russ' 1994 album Sweet Spot followed by a European tour in support of that recording as well as backing fellow Blue Rose recording artist Steve Wynn on his marathon 1998 tour of Europe in support of Sweetness and Light. It was on this tour that the plans were laid for It's About Time and Steve was asked to produce this long awaited solo album. Steve's drummer Linda Pitmon was recruited for the project as well and upon returning from 5 months on the road, the 3 friends decided to hole themselves up in an old firehouse in Brooklyn with famed engineer Adam "Red" Lasus and ace NYC bass player Scott Yoder to start recording this stark masterpiece.

When asked about the personal nature and underlying themes of these songs Kirk responded, "I always wrote rather introspectively, probably even more so in Dumptruck when my songs were a little more raw lyrically and a bit more limited in scope also. Some of these songs like "One More Time" and "Goodbye" are from things that happened in my life but most of them are extensions of imagined ideas. Time, fear, loss and loneliness tend to be prevailing themes. I don't feel these things constantly but no matter how happy or well-adjusted you might be it's through recognizing and dealing with these issues that personal growth is allowed to thrive."

And now, it's about time to settle in for your first listen of Kirk Swan's long awaited debut album.